The Wool Hats is a Connecticut based bluegrass/jamgrass band. Built upon a driving rhythm section, the trio of lead instruments weaves intricate melodic spaces while the vocal harmonies add to the warmth and richness of their sound. Their repertiore includes bluegrass classics and unique interpretations of classic rock material, as well as well-crafted originals. A fresh voice for our times, The Wool Hats are thrilling and charming audiences throughout Connecticut.  


 “The Wool Hats’ approach to Bluegrass draws on a post-modern sensibility integrating many influences into a unique expression. Classic rock, jamgrass, funk, folk and a healthy dose of musical humor come together to create what might best be termed “Dudegrass” music. You just have to check them out to see what I am talking about.” 


Be a "Thread Head" - come enjoy a Wool Hats show!


 Check out The Wool Hats recorded live at Charter Cable's Studio 21.

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At the Infinity Hall Open Mic Competition...
Tom Petty's Breakdown...enjoy.

A recent set at the Ives Concert Park in Danbury, CT...
Warming up for the legendary Tony Trischka & Micheal Daves.


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